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    1. Fiberglass Mesh FabricThe mesh fabric has many advantages such as high strength and alkali resistance. Due to its softness, the product is easy to clip and convenient to use. As optimal reinforced material in architectural engineering ...
    1. Fiberglass Filter MeshMolten aluminum filter fabric is produced by weaving of high twist alkali-free fiberglass. It could withstand the corrosion of liquid aluminum and chloride salt as well as villiaumite. Meanwhile, the product also achieves high temperature ...
    1. Fiberglass Insect ScreenCompared with ordinary window screen, our product is much lighter but has higher strength and toughness as well as longer service life. Moreover, its corrosion resistance performance has been greatly improved ...
    1. Fiberglass Net for Grinding WheelWith high tensile strength, the fiberglass mesh is widely used as reinforced material for resin binder grinding wheel. Because the outer diameter and inner diameter form in one cutting, the net has small dimensional tolerance ...
    1. Fiberglass WallcoveringCompared with regular wallpaper and PVC wallpaper, the wall covering has many advantages such as ease of use, flame retardance, mildew resistance and good air permeability. Its service life is as long as 15 years ...
    1. Abrasive Sanding ScreenThe sand cloth achieves high chip removal performance and high grinding performance. The product is used for polishing of drywalls and plaster boards. Moreover, walls can be polished by the sanding mesh before being painted ...
    1. Fiberglass Mesh Wall PatchThe product features light weight, high strength, good adhesion and ease to use. Repair surface is neat and beautiful. It seems riftless and not peculiar.
    1. Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh TapeThe product has many advantages such as excellent self-adhesion, long service life, good air permeability, and high strength. The mesh tape can only be snapped by tensile force
    1. Paper Tape for Drywall RepairPaper tape is produced by slitting of kraft paper. The paper is made of wood pulp which has been processed with surface reinforcement and then reprocessed. Perforations on the paper tape can be created by lasers or needles.
    1. Drywall Corner Tape with Metal StripTwo metal strips, acting like a suit of armor, protect corners from damage caused by collisions. The corner tape is often installed on kinds of corners to provide protection. Without metal strips, paper tape peels off easily when collided by hard objects.
    1. PVC Corner MeshWith great elasticity, the corner mesh, acting like a suit of armor, efficiently protects corners from damage caused by collisions. Unlike steel angle which falls off easily because of strong rigidity
    1. Fiberglass Tissue TapeWith high strength, the product is often used to patch cracks on the wall or ceiling. Compared with paper tape, the tissue tape achieves better air permeability and longer service life
    1. Fiberglass Fireproof Blanket Its surface, which is processed with different methods such as thermal treatment and coating, has different proprieties, which include resistance to water
    1. Fiberglass Welding BlanketIt has a compact structure and it withstands high temperature which reaches 550 degrees. During hot work, the welding blanket prevents welding sparks from splashing
    1. PTFE Coated Fiberglass FabricAs a new type composite material, the product achieves high performance and multiple functions. The fabric is widely used as liner for heating food, baking plate, microwave liner, anti-sticking gasket
    1. Teflon BBQ LinerThe product could be repeatedly used. It also efficiently prevents grease stains from overflowing and accumulating at the bottom of the oven during baking process.
    1. PTFE Mesh Conveyor BeltWith meshes, the product achieves good air permeability. The conveyor belt can be hemmed or not hemmed. Different widths can be customized according to customers' specific requirements.
    1. High Silica ClothThe product has many advantages such as chemical stability, high insulation capability and environmental protection. The fiberglass fabric can serve as a kind of protective material for welding
    1. Fiberglass Bulk Yarn FabricThe product features high strength, low density, and good insulation capability. The cloth withstands high temperature which reaches 550℃.
    1. Silicone/Vermiculate/PVC Coated Fiberglass FabricIt is a brand new product with high performance and multiple applications. Its working temperature is ranging from -50℃ to 260℃.
    1. Fiberglass Direct RovingThe product features fast penetration, even tension, great abrasive resistance, high mechanical strength and little hairiness. As a kind of continuous single twistless yarn
    1. Fiberglass Woven Roving ClothThe fabric has good compatibility with resins. Its structure leads to great use stability. The roving cloth features high strength, corrosion resistance and insulation. As a kind of high performance reinforced material
    1. Fiberglass Chopped Strand MatThe fiberglass felt has great compatibility with resins. It also features good impregnability, easy deaeration, good uniformity and low consumption of resins. Coating of the product is very easy and the fiberglass felt has high adhesion
    1. Fiberglass Chopped StrandsOur chopped strands are mainly used for reinforcement of thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin. Different products are suitable for different resins
    1. Unidirectional Fiberglass ClothIt includes 0º unidirectional fabric with an area weight of 300 g/m²-900 g/m² and 90º unidirectional fabric with an area weight of 150 g/m²-1200 g/m². The product is suitable for making tubes and blades of wind power turbines.
    1. Fiberglass Multiaxial FabricThese products can be woven by at most four layers of roving. If required, a layer of composite materials or chopped strands with a density from 0 g/m² to 500 g/m² can also be added.
    1. Fiberglass TissueThe fiberglass felt features good impregnation, high mechanical strength, insulation capability, chemical corrosion resistance, fire resistance, flame retardance, aging resistance, watertightness, and weather resistance.
    1. Aluminum Foil TapeMade of high quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, the product features high adhesive force, high stickiness and aging resistance. Cooperating with aluminum foil composite material
    1. Masking TapeThe product is made of textured paper and pressure sensitive adhesive. One side of the paper is coated by pressure sensitive adhesive while the other side is coated by anti-sticking materials.
    1. PVC Electrical TapeThe electrical tape features insulation, high anti-pressure ability, flame retardance,weatherability, high tensile strength and high adhesive strength.
    1. Cloth Duct TapeTearing down it from where it is pasted is quite easy. The duct tape features high tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, grease resistance and water resistance.
    1. PTFE TapeThe product has many advantages such small friction coefficient, non-viscous surface, aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Working temperature is in a wide range of -180℃ to 260℃.
    1. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic / FRP GratingThe grating is an ideal product used in corrosive environment. The product features corrosion resistance, aging resistance, light weight and high strength, easy installation and easy cutting.
    1. Pultruded ProfilesOur pultruded profiles include FRP tube, FRP square tube, FRP rectangular tube, FRP rod and FRP I-beam. Different specifications are available. New molds can be made according to customers' design drawings in order to meet production needs.
    1. FRP Pipe (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)The tube is mainly used in petroleum chemical industry and drainage industry. With resin, fiberglass and quartz sand as raw materials, the product is produced by special processes.
    1. Pasted FRP CompositeIt is environment friendly and is not harmful to human body. The FRP composite is often used in manufacturing of yachts and model aeroplanes by hand. The finished product has some advantages such as high strength
    1. FRP Ladder (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)The stepladder is non-conductive and has a novelty and beautiful appearance. It is light so that it is convenient to carry. It doesn't fade. The product also has some advantages such as low water absorption
    1. Silicone Baking MatThis unparalleled oven liner is produced from food grade silicone and reinforced by fiberglass. It features dimensional stability and high strength, designed for both baking and heating food ...

Our company is a professional manufacturer of fiberglass and FRP products in China. We offer a wide range of products, including fiberglass mesh fabric, adhesive fiberglass mesh tape, fiberglass reinforced plastic / FRP grating, PVC electrical tape, etc.