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FRP grating is made through processes of crossed weaving of fiberglass, resin casting and integrally molding. The product can be used in work platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms and walkways in industries of petroleum, chemical and electronics, electricity, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, ocean exploration, sewage treatment, etc. It also can be applied in civil constructions.

The grating is an ideal product used in corrosive environment. The product features corrosion resistance, aging resistance, light weight and high strength, easy installation and easy cutting. Based on actual demands, customers can choose from phthalic type resin, isophthalic-type resin and vinyl resin as the base material to achieve better economic benefits.

Mesh size: 38x38mm, 25x100mm, 50x50mm, 19x19mm, 38x38mm, etc.
Height: 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, etc.
Surface: fluted, frosted or smooth.
Color: yellow, light grey, dark gray and red or customized according to RAL color card.

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass reinforced plastic / FRP grating in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including pultruded profiles, FRP pipe (fiberglass reinforced plastic), pasted FRP composite, FRP ladder (fiberglass reinforced plastic).

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