Composite Fiberglass

    1. Fiberglass Direct RovingThe product features fast penetration, even tension, great abrasive resistance, high mechanical strength and little hairiness. As a kind of continuous single twistless yarn
    1. Fiberglass Woven Roving ClothThe fabric has good compatibility with resins. Its structure leads to great use stability. The roving cloth features high strength, corrosion resistance and insulation. As a kind of high performance reinforced material
    1. Fiberglass Chopped Strand MatThe fiberglass felt has great compatibility with resins. It also features good impregnability, easy deaeration, good uniformity and low consumption of resins. Coating of the product is very easy and the fiberglass felt has high adhesion
    1. Fiberglass Chopped StrandsOur chopped strands are mainly used for reinforcement of thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin. Different products are suitable for different resins
    1. Unidirectional Fiberglass ClothIt includes 0º unidirectional fabric with an area weight of 300 g/m²-900 g/m² and 90º unidirectional fabric with an area weight of 150 g/m²-1200 g/m². The product is suitable for making tubes and blades of wind power turbines.
    1. Fiberglass Multiaxial FabricThese products can be woven by at most four layers of roving. If required, a layer of composite materials or chopped strands with a density from 0 g/m² to 500 g/m² can also be added.
    1. Fiberglass TissueThe fiberglass felt features good impregnation, high mechanical strength, insulation capability, chemical corrosion resistance, fire resistance, flame retardance, aging resistance, watertightness, and weather resistance.

Our various composite fiberglass products are new type reinforced composites, which are often used for manufacturing of fiberglass reinforced plastic products. Products with various sizes and different densities are available. Hence, different production needs can be satisfied.

Among these products, fiberglass direct roving is made of fiberglass and silane coupling agent is adopted in production. The product features fast penetration, even tension, great abrasive resistance and high mechanical strength. It belongs to continuous sub-thread twistless roving. The yarn is suitable for filament winding, pultrusion and production of fabrics and woven roving.

As a China-based composite fiberglass manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a broad range of products that includes FRP products, high temperature fiberglass fabric etc.

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