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I. E-T Series
This series of product comes in many types, including E-T140, E-T160, E-T210, E-T280, E-T300, E-T310, E-T400, E-T450, E-T520, E-T550, E-T600 and E-T90. It includes 0º unidirectional fabric with an area weight of 300 g/m²-900 g/m² and 90º unidirectional fabric with an area weight of 150 g/m²-1200 g/m². The product is suitable for making tubes and blades of wind power turbines.

II. UD (Hot-melt) Series
This series of product is available in two types: E-TH410 and E-TH710. It is a kind of 90º unidirectional fiberglass cloth made from polyester yarn, hot-melt yarn and thin fiberglass yarn in weft direction. These yarns are fixed under high temperatures. With high dimensional stability, the product is primarily used in making pipes.

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