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Fiberglass chopped strand mat is produced by chopping continuous fiberglass strand to 50mm in length randomly and uniformly and then mixing with polyester binders in powder form or other binders in emulsion form.

The fiberglass felt has great compatibility with resins. It also features good impregnability, easy deaeration, good uniformity and low consumption of resins. Coating of the product is very easy and the fiberglass felt has high adhesion to moulds. Hence, it is easy to use. The mat also has many advantages such as high wet-strength retention rate, laminated plate with high transmittance and low cost.

The product is widely used in hand lay-up FRP products such as plates, plane skylights, boat hulls, bath tubs, cooling towers, anticorrosive material vehicles. It could also be applied in watt machines for continuous production of fiberglass epoxy.

Type Weight (g/m) Breaking strength (N/150mm) Speed of impregnations (L/dm2.min) Package weight(kg)
E-MCl00 100 30 60 20
E-MC200 200 30 180 30
E-MC350 350 43 180 30
E-MC450 450 60 180 30
E-MC600 600 80 180 30

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass chopped strand mat in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including fiberglass direct roving, fiberglass woven roving cloth, fiberglass chopped strands, unidirectional fiberglass cloth, fiberglass multiaxial fabric, fiberglass tissue.

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