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Fiberglass direct roving is made of fiberglass and silane coupling agent is adopted in production. The product features fast penetration, even tension, great abrasive resistance, high mechanical strength and little hairiness. As a kind of continuous single twistless yarn, the direct roving is dedicated for filament winding, pultrusion and production of fabrics and woven rovings.

Tex: 1200tex, 2400tex, 4800tex, etc.
Three types: NO. GRV1: direct roving for filament winding, NO. GRP2: direct roving for pultrusion, NO. GRW3: direct roving for weaving

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass direct roving in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including fiberglass woven roving cloth, fiberglass chopped strand mat, fiberglass chopped strands, unidirectional fiberglass cloth, fiberglass multiaxial fabric, fiberglass tissue.

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Fiberglass Roving | Roving | Direct Roving | Fiberglass Yarn

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