High Temperature Fiberglass Fabric

    1. Fiberglass Fireproof Blanket Its surface, which is processed with different methods such as thermal treatment and coating, has different proprieties, which include resistance to water
    1. Fiberglass Welding BlanketIt has a compact structure and it withstands high temperature which reaches 550 degrees. During hot work, the welding blanket prevents welding sparks from splashing
    1. PTFE Coated Fiberglass FabricAs a new type composite material, the product achieves high performance and multiple functions. The fabric is widely used as liner for heating food, baking plate, microwave liner, anti-sticking gasket
    1. Teflon BBQ LinerThe product could be repeatedly used. It also efficiently prevents grease stains from overflowing and accumulating at the bottom of the oven during baking process.
    1. PTFE Mesh Conveyor BeltWith meshes, the product achieves good air permeability. The conveyor belt can be hemmed or not hemmed. Different widths can be customized according to customers' specific requirements.
    1. High Silica ClothThe product has many advantages such as chemical stability, high insulation capability and environmental protection. The fiberglass fabric can serve as a kind of protective material for welding
    1. Fiberglass Bulk Yarn FabricThe product features high strength, low density, and good insulation capability. The cloth withstands high temperature which reaches 550℃.

High temperature fiberglass fabric is made of fiberglass yarns. Different type products are coated with different temperature resistant materials. Different processing methods also distinguish them from each other. These products are applied in different areas.

Mainly used in kitchens, fiberglass fireproof blanket prevents fires efficiently. In petrochemical enterprises, fiberglass welding blanket is used for heat insulation and electric insulation of metals and it could also be used in positions in need of welding. The blanket prevents welding sparks from splashing during hot work. We also provide BBQ liner used in ovens and for baking. PTFE mesh conveyor belt achieves great heat resistance. It can be applied for material conveying in printers or other devices. With powerful functions and a wide application scope, our products are ideal choices for customers.