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PEFE mesh conveyor belt is made of fiberglass which has been coated by PFTE resin. With meshes, the product achieves good air permeability. The conveyor belt can be hemmed or not hemmed. Different widths can be customized according to customers' specific requirements. The available mesh sizes include 1×1mm, 2×2.5mm, 4×4mm and 10×10mm. Connectors we use are flexible joints or joints with steel buckle.

1. With dimensional stability, the product has strong strength and its lengthening coefficient is less than 5‰.
2. The belt withstands high temperature and its continuous operating temperature is in range of -70 degrees to 260 degrees.
3. The surface has small friction coefficient and it achieves good insulation.
4. The product is anti-stinking. Hence, it is easy to clean various oil stains, stains and other attachments, which stick to the surface.
5. The fabric resists corrosion of kinds of strong acid and strong alkali. Moreover, it has properties such as aging resistance and flame retardance.
6. The product has good air permeability, thus reducing heat consumption and increasing efficiency of drying.

1. UV dryer, loose dryer, non-woven dryer and drying machine for rapid drying of solvent-based ink and drying of material containing water.
2. Textile printing and dyeing equipment, silk screen printer and offset printer.
3. Conveyer belt for food baking and silk screen drying.
4. UV light curing machine and temperature controlled baking house.

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