Teflon BBQ Liner

Teflon BBQ liner is made of fiberglass cloth which has been coated by high quality PFTE. It is anti sticking. Hence, it is easy to wipe off oil stains and stains which stick to the surface of the BBQ sheet. The product could be repeatedly used. It also efficiently prevents grease stains from overflowing and accumulating at the bottom of the oven during baking process. The BBQ sheet can be trimmed as round or rectangular according to different ovens. The product is non-toxic and it is safe to serve food. It is safe to use the BBQ sheet in a dishwasher.

The BBQ liner has many advantages such as resistance to high temperature, acid and alkali. It works normally under circumstances with temperature in range of -70 degrees to 260 degrees. The product withstands high temperature which reaches 380 degrees. The BBQ sheet can be used in drying machine and food grade conveyor belt.

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of teflon BBQ liner in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including fiberglass fireproof blanket, fiberglass welding blanket, PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, PTFE mesh conveyor belt, high silica cloth, fiberglass bulk yarn fabric, silicone/vermiculate/PVC coated fiberglass fabric.

Related Names
PTFE BBQ Liner | Non-Stick Cooking Liner | Baking Sheet | Oven Liner | Cooking Mesh | Pizza Mesh | Roasting Liner | Frying Pan Liner

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