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PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is made of fiberglass cloth and its surface is coated by PTFE emulsion, which is commonly known as plastics king. The thickness is in range of 0.08mm to 1.0mm. The maximum width is 4,000mm. Different sizes can be supplied according to customers' specific requirements. We provide different colors such as red, brown, off-white, white, etc.

As a new type composite material, the product achieves high performance and multiple functions. The fabric is widely used as liner for heating food, baking plate, microwave liner, anti-sticking gasket, liner and covering fabric. Based on different thicknesses, the cloth serves as conveyer belt,adhesive tape or sealing belt. The cloth is a kind of cladding material which achieves temperature resistance. When used for cladding petrochemical pipeline, it also achieves corrosion resistance. The cloth is also used for insulation of electronics and environmental desulfurization of waste gas in power plant.

1. With dimensional stability, the product has strong strength and its lengthening coefficient is less than 5‰.
2. The fabric withstands high temperature and its continuous operating temperature is in range of -70 degrees to 260 degrees.
3. The surface has small friction coefficient and it achieves good insulation.
4. The product is anti-stinking. Hence, it is easy to clean various oil stains, stains and other attachments, which stick to the surface.
5. The fabric resists corrosion of kinds of strong acid and strong alkali. Moreover, it has properties such as aging resistance and flame retardance.

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including fiberglass fireproof blanket, fiberglass welding blanket, teflon BBQ liner, PTFE mesh conveyor belt, high silica cloth, fiberglass bulk yarn fabric, silicone/vermiculate/PVC coated fiberglass fabric.

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