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Fiberglass fireproof blank is produced by weaving of fiberglass cloth coated by fire-retardant paint. Its surface, which is processed with different methods such as thermal treatment and coating, has different proprieties, which include resistance to water, abrasion, corrosion and grease. After being processed, the product can resist higher temperature and it can work longer time in circumstances with high temeprature. The fireproof rug withstands high temperature which reaches 550 degrees.

The fireproof blanket keeps objects away from areas with high heat power or sparks and it thoroughly prevents or insulates combustion.The fireproof rug can be used in many occasions such as kitchens, malls, hotels, etc. Customers can choose appropriate types based on their specific requirements. Our product conforms to European EN1869:1997 certification and it is a best seller in both domestic and international markets.

Thickness: 0.43mm
Weight of every square meter: 430g
Size: 1mx1m, 1.2mx1.2m, 1.2mx1.5m, 1.5mx1.5m, 1.5mx1.8m, 1.8mx1.8m, etc.
Package: PVC red soft bag, PVC red hard box, PVC cylinder. Labels can be customized according to customers' requirements.

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