Drywall Repair Tape

    1. Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh TapeThe product has many advantages such as excellent self-adhesion, long service life, good air permeability, and high strength. The mesh tape can only be snapped by tensile force
    1. Paper Tape for Drywall RepairPaper tape is produced by slitting of kraft paper. The paper is made of wood pulp which has been processed with surface reinforcement and then reprocessed. Perforations on the paper tape can be created by lasers or needles.
    1. Drywall Corner Tape with Metal StripTwo metal strips, acting like a suit of armor, protect corners from damage caused by collisions. The corner tape is often installed on kinds of corners to provide protection. Without metal strips, paper tape peels off easily when collided by hard objects.
    1. PVC Corner MeshWith great elasticity, the corner mesh, acting like a suit of armor, efficiently protects corners from damage caused by collisions. Unlike steel angle which falls off easily because of strong rigidity
    1. Fiberglass Tissue TapeWith high strength, the product is often used to patch cracks on the wall or ceiling. Compared with paper tape, the tissue tape achieves better air permeability and longer service life

Drywall repair tape consists of adhesive fiberglass mesh tape, kraft paper tape, drywall corner tape with metal strip and fiberglass tissue tape, etc. During production, we adopt different raw materials such as fiberglass and kraft reinforced paper tape. Different processing methods, which include weaving, coating, special manufacturing product shape, make our products meet various usage requirements.

Adhesive fiberglass mesh tape features excellent self-adhesion, easy installation, and high strength. It is an ideal product for patching cracks on the wall and ceiling. Kraft paper tape is a traditional product for drywall repair. Thanks to metal strips, corner tape achieves good anti-impact performance. Sturdy and durable, the product protects efficiently corners form damage caused by collisions. To sum up, these products are widely used for drywall repair, protecting corners and patching cracks on the wall and ceiling. Customers can choose appropriate products according to factors such as environmental conditions.

As a specialized drywall repair tape manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide range of products, including high temperature fiberglass fabric, fiberglass mesh, composite fiberglass, FRP products, etc.

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