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Adhesive fiberglass mesh tape is produced by slitting of fiberglass mesh, which has already been processed by alkali resistant glue and coated by non-setting adhesive. The product has many advantages such as excellent self-adhesion, long service life, good air permeability, and high strength. The mesh tape can only be snapped by tensile force, which is more than 600N/50mm. The joint tape is easy to use for that it can be directly attached on walls without being coated by glue again.

As a kind of inorganic product, the joint tape, unlike paper, won't mildew after long time use and won't crack after 3 to 5 years because of low strength, either. Widely used in construction industry, the joint tape is an ideal material for patching cracks on the wall and ceiling.

Mesh size: 2.85*2.85 mm (9*9mesh), 3.20*3.20 mm (8*8mesh)
Weight of every square meter: 60g, 65g, 75g, etc.
Width: 35 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, etc.
Length: 20 m, 45m, 90 m, 150m, etc.

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