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Fiberglass wall covering is produced by weaving of fiberglass yarn. The product is coated with wear resistant resin, and is easy to be printed with colorful patterns. Printed with colorful patterns, the wallpaper is a new type wall decoration product. Its color and style are diverse, which leads to a great decoration effect. The product is natural, non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Compared with regular wallpaper and PVC wallpaper, the wall covering has many advantages such as ease of use, flame retardance, mildew resistance and good air permeability. Its service life is as long as 15 years. Our product can avoid waste of labor and money caused by repetitive decoration every two or three years. In a word, the wallpaper is a good choice for customers.

Our production line is imported from Germany. Through continuous exploring, we gain great improvement. Our product achieves the same high quality as foreign product. As a result, our wallpaper has been exported to Europe and other countries. It can be often seen in foreign residential buildings and public places such as hotels, sporting venues and airports.

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass wall covering in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including self adhesive fiberglass tape, insect screen, paper tape, corner tape with metal strip, wallcovering patch, sanding screen, etc.

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