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Fiberglass net for grinding wheel is made of fiberglass mesh which is coated with phenolic resin or modified epoxy resin and then is dried and processed with punching method. The product is divided into two categories. One is woven net, and the other is net coated adhesive bonded fabric with black paper.

With high tensile strength, the fiberglass mesh is widely used as reinforced material for resin binder grinding wheel. Because the outer diameter and inner diameter form in one cutting, the net has small dimensional tolerance, good concentricity and smooth rim. Grinding wheel, which is made of our mesh, features excellent heat resistance, high-speed cutting performance and structural strength. The product is especially suitable for manufacturing grinding wheel which is exported.

Size: 5x5mesh-190g/2, 270g/ 2, 320g/ 2; 6×6mesh-190g/ 2,230g/ 2; 8×8mesh-260g/ 2; 14×14mesh-85g/ 2.
Outer diameter(mm): Φ74±1, Φ96±1, Φ114±1, Φ146±1, Φ177±1, Φ196±1, Φ228±1, Φ246±1, Φ296±1, Φ303±1, Φ346±1 and Φ396±1.
Inner diameter(mm): Φ17±0.5, Φ23±0.5, Φ26±0.5, Φ33±0.5 or customized according to customers' requirements.

Volatile content (%) Insoluble content (%) Resin content (%) Outer diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm) strength(CN/TEX)
≤10 ≤10 26~36 Φ70-800±1.5 Φ10-60±1 ≥ 38

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass net for grinding wheel in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including self adhesive fiberglass tape, insect screen, paper tape, corner tape with metal strip, wallcovering patch, sanding screen, etc.

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