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Our fiberglass filter mesh includes molten aluminum filter mesh and high temperature resistant fiberglass filter mesh.

Molten aluminum filter fabric is produced by weaving of high twist alkali-free fiberglass. It could withstand the corrosion of liquid aluminum and chloride salt as well as villiaumite. Meanwhile, the product also achieves high temperature resistance. Widely used for filtering of liquid aluminum and liquid aluminum alloys, the filter mesh efficiently removes bubbles, oxides containing ashes, inclusions and harmful impurities. Therefore, yield rate of aluminum castings is enormously enhanced and high quality aluminum product can be obtained.

The product is also successfully in preventing other metal components from blending in liquid aluminum. Hence, compositions of liquid aluminum won't be affected and high quality of aluminum castings can be ensured. The filter screen could improve mechanical properties, hardness, and flexural strength of aluminum castings. It also leads to uniform surface hardness. Machining performance of aluminum castings and processing efficiency are improved.

Compared with other various filter screens, high temperature resistant fiberglass filter fabric achieves better filtering performance due to adsorbing impurities function of fiberglass. As a result, compositions of aluminum alloys aren't affected by the filter mesh. The product features high temperature resistance, stability of meshes and user-friendliness. It is suitable for melting down and recovery of waste material.

The filter screen is widely applied in precision casting or regular casting. By these casting processes, we produce wheels of cars and motorcycles, cylinder pistons, aluminum rods, aluminum, aluminum ingots, aluminum plates and aluminum alloy parts and accessories. The filter screen can effectively remove the air bubbles, oxides and harmful impurities in liquid aluminum so that the quality of aluminum product can be greatly improved. It is an ideal choice for the filter used in production of high-end aluminum alloy castings.

Specifications of A2-Fiberglass Filter Mesh for Casting
EN12x12mesh-160g/2, EN13x13mesh-175g/m2,
EN14X14mesh-129g/2, EN16x16mesh-170g/2,
EN14x15mesh-135g/2, EN11x9mesh-320g/2,
EN10x10mesh-160g/2, EN12x11mesh-183g/2,
EN12X13mesh-165g/2, EN 8x12mesh-75g/2

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass filter mesh in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including self adhesive fiberglass tape, insect screen, paper tape, corner tape with metal strip, wallcovering patch, sanding screen, etc.

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